Friday, 22 October 2010

Oh dear, oh deer....

- how I have neglected my poor little blog over the past, so sorry; I hope it's not made all my lovely readers out there lose interest. I had all good intentions to keep on with regular posts, but it's been a pretty busy deadlines, decorating (I know - still!) and other bits and bobs...but, I promise I'll be back and regularly from today....

I thought I'd share a little pic of my first effort at a Jamie Oliver pizza base; I've been wanting to have a go at one of these for ages (yet another thing put on the backburner for a while...can you see a trend here?!) and here it is....ta-dahhhhh!

....not bad for a first effort, I reckon :) After a small panic at the 'well' stage I don't think I did too badly really. Now I have lots of lovely bases stored in the freezer to have as and when I please :D

On the work front, it's been very busy, with lots of deadlines to work to. I had a go at some new Christmas foil designs the other week but quite liked the outcome on the foiled sheet itself....

- the actual design was a reverse of this.

Anyway, I'm back and I hope you all have a lovely weekend...come back next week for more updates :)

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