Saturday, 29 May 2010

This cat is tooooooo cute!

Oh my word - I just had to share this with you all....happily browsing the blogging cosmos this morning I stumbled across this little gem from Color Me Katie - isn't he GORGEOUS!?? His name is Moo - love it!! Check out the post here.

Friday, 28 May 2010

I'm soooooo excited!!!

Woo-hoooo....the day has finally arrived - Sex And The City 2 lands on the big screens over here in the UK today, and I cannot wait!!! :D 

I'm off with the girls tonight for a fabulous evening of cocktails and viewing pleasure, as we all attend the specially themed night at the Broadway Cinema in Nottingham - thank goodness we got in there quick and booked our tickets - it's a sell-out!!

So, with that in mind, here are a couple of oldies but goodies I created for the home furnishings market:

 - This is a snapshot of a design that has now sold for wall stickers / borders here in the UK (created back in 2008)

 - and a bit of glamour for the girlies; this design has been rather popular - selling in both the US (for borders, bedding and wallpaper) and the UK (for scrapbooking). You can view the scrapbooking design here.

So, whether you're a big Sex And The City fan or not, I hope you all have a fabulous Bank Holiday weekend everyone -  let the fun begin! :D

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Oh why do cats have to have such horrible habits sometimes? :(

- Look at her; all butter wouldn't melt. Little did I know what horror would greet me the following morning....perhaps she'd been planning it all along...

This morning I went into the conservatory, opened up the blinds, and what did I see?? Chico, munching happily away on a poor little defenseless bird!! I was horrified; in all the 8 years we have owned her, I have never once witnessed such a gross act from her - I always thought she was such a lovely cat..obviously didn't hunt like most others (otherwise I would have noticed by now), but, alas, it seems I was wrong. 

Oh, Chico, why did you have to break the illusion.... :(

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Oooh, what a lovely find!

On Saturday, as well as the fete, there was an Antiques Fair being held at the university, and as we were there we decided to have a little look around after packing up the stall....I'm so glad we did; look what I found:

- it was such a beautiful pattern that I fell in love with it straight away; it really caught my eye! Anyway, we decided it was far too lovely to leave behind, and purchased it, even managing to knock something off the price (well, you have to be a little bit cheeky sometimes, don't you! ;D )

When we got home I was so thrilled with our find, and proudly started unpacking it - we hadn't really paid much attention to the make or designer at the fair, but then I took another look and decided to google it to find out a bit more. Turns out it was designed by a very important figure in the ceramics world - Jessie Tait - and that her pieces were now highly sought after! Sadly, I read a bit more and found that she had passed away earlier this year at the age of 81. A fellow 'Midlander', she grew up and lived in Trentham, Stoke-on-Trent, designing for most of her life - even after her retirement apparently! She has some fantastic designs - I recognised some of them, though never knew the designer's name. Whilst searching her name I even found our set in an online article taken from this month's 'Vintage Life' magazine! What a coincidence! 

It really was a great little all that's left to do is to find this pretty set somewhere safe to take pride of place in my home! :)

Monday, 24 May 2010

Trying my hand at the Community Fete....

It's been a quiet couple of weeks on the blogging front, but I'm back again to tell you what I've been up to...

 - My good friend Eve told me about this local event as she thought it might be a good way to showcase my crafty wares, so I thought hey, why not give it a shot (it was free after all!)'s some snaps of what was on sale:

- I created quite a lot of new stationery items - larger notebooks, notecards, postcards and address labels.

It was a scorching day, and with lots of entertainment going on it attracted quite a lot of visitors - there was Brazilian drumming (which was fab), dancing, singing, it was great...but, unfortunately, not many shoppers.  I did have some success though, and was so pleased that my dalmatian print went - it's one of my favourite pieces and was purchased by a lovely little family, so that made my day! :D

I'm still on the look out for new places to try out my work, so if anyone knows of any great crafty events/ venues where you think I may fit in then let me would be muchly appreciated! :)

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

All set for Surtex 2010!

Much preparation and time has gone into this year's Surtex show -  there's a whole new look for us this year, so it's going to be very exciting!! All the gang will be represented by Inspire By Design Ltd, with lots of lovely new designs to choose from - you'll not want to miss it! :) 

Come along to Booth 264-266 and check it out for yourself...

...but for now, here's a little taster of just one of the new sets I've been working on - making it's debut at the show:

Monday, 3 May 2010

Drip, drop, drip...

...little April showers; or rather....BIG May showers!

 This Bank Holiday's been a complete washout (nothing new there then, I hear you cry!), but, at least it's helped to make it a little easier to sit at my desk for hours on end. Every cloud and all that.... ;)


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