Friday, 3 September 2010

Oh how quickly a year passes by....

I cannot believe that we've reached our first wedding anniversary already....this weekend we'll be casting our minds back to that special, special time, and celebrating with a romantic trip down memory lane.....

Here are a few pics from our magical day; the day I truly felt like a princess and the happiest girl in the world! :D

 - Ahhhhhh; it makes me quite emotional!

I enjoyed designing and putting all the stationery together for our big day too; the theme was chocolate & cream:

and who can forget.......

- the magnificent cakes*; all lovingly created by our very talented friend, Natalie. :D
*the mint chocolate ones were truly amaaaazing - a hot favourite on the day!!

 NB: All photographs courtesy of Ezee Wedding Photography

Oh, what a lovely weekend to look forward to - I hope yours is enjoyable too!

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  1. hope you had a lovely weekend full of happy memories Emma! :Dx


Lovely to hear from you! :)


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