Wednesday, 8 September 2010

A lovely weekend of looking back....

Ahhhhhh....look what I got; my lovely Matt made me feel very special this weekend - on Saturday we went up to York and had such a gorgeous time....the sun was shining and everything was perfect.

We walked along the city walls..

...and cast our minds back to a year ago

...we would have been stood at the alter together, saying our vows....

We took a stroll along the river, and stopped off at a little cafe that specialised in Belgian beers...

- I'm not normally a beer drinker, but this cherry one was sooooooo nice; the perfect sunshine weather refreshment! It was lovely to sit outside and reminisce about the day, and the proposal itself, which took place here just over 3 years's funny because throughout the course of the day we saw 3 other weddings taking place as we walked around the city; this just made the memories even stronger!

We finished the day off with a romantic meal at an Italian restaurant, then went home and cracked open the bubbly...the perfect end to a perfect day! :D

After a lovely lie-in on Sunday, we continued the celebrations by spending the afternoon / evening with some friends at Darley Park for their annual fireworks concert...this year marked the event's 20th anniversary!

 - There was such a large crowd there; it was almost like being at a festival! Everyone was decked out with their chairs and picnics, sipping glasses of wine and taking in the music and was great! Bless us though; it was the first time we'd ever been so we only had a little blanket to sit year it'll be a different story..... :)

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