Monday, 24 May 2010

Trying my hand at the Community Fete....

It's been a quiet couple of weeks on the blogging front, but I'm back again to tell you what I've been up to...

 - My good friend Eve told me about this local event as she thought it might be a good way to showcase my crafty wares, so I thought hey, why not give it a shot (it was free after all!)'s some snaps of what was on sale:

- I created quite a lot of new stationery items - larger notebooks, notecards, postcards and address labels.

It was a scorching day, and with lots of entertainment going on it attracted quite a lot of visitors - there was Brazilian drumming (which was fab), dancing, singing, it was great...but, unfortunately, not many shoppers.  I did have some success though, and was so pleased that my dalmatian print went - it's one of my favourite pieces and was purchased by a lovely little family, so that made my day! :D

I'm still on the look out for new places to try out my work, so if anyone knows of any great crafty events/ venues where you think I may fit in then let me would be muchly appreciated! :)

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