Sunday, 6 February 2011

It's here!

Phew - what a very busy week it's been...sorry for my absence; with preparations for the Spring Fair having to take precedence it's been hard to fit in much else! It even meant a 15 and a half hour stint at the studio on Friday to get all the finishing touches completed for the show - YIKES! With songs such as 'Happiness' and 'Smile' playing on the radio it certainly felt like someone was having a little chuckle at my expense!

The fair started today and is running until Thursday, 10th Feb...come along and see us all if you happen to get the chance; Rah Rah and Lucy B will be in attendance today, whilst myself and Little Red will be manning the stand tomorrow....fingers crossed for a great show; at least there's no sign of the naughty snow to put people off this that's a first! ;)

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