Thursday, 11 November 2010

Batten down the hatches!!!

- there's a giant onion on the way!!! (aka dartboard, aka deep low pressure system) Apparently we're in for a right ol' battering today here in the UK - oh, I hope my lickle house can cope with the pressure!! :-/

Talking of pressure, I did indeed accomplish my task of completing a new wedding set before my agent left for the US last week - YAY! :D One design from it has even sold already - DOUBLE YAY!! :D Here's a little snapshot of the wrap from the set....

I also had a lovely time 'henning' it up in London of the highlights was the Icebar - if you've never been, or indeed heard of it, then I definitely recommend you check it out; so much fun!

- that's meeee....hiding behind the ice!! :D

- the countdown to leave; as it's a mere -7 degrees in there your visit is limited to a 40 minute stay...brrrrrrrrrrr!


  1. Hey there thanks for swinging by my blog, mmm ice bar looks amazing, will def remeber this for next time I am in London town :)


Lovely to hear from you! :)


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