Tuesday, 22 June 2010

A lovely time in London Town

Phew...it's a late one tonight; sorry guys - been a busy D-I-Y day today, so only just had chance to update you on my wonderful birthday weekend....there'll be lots of snaps on the way over the next couple of days; but for now here's just a few highlights of my surprise day trip (organised by lovely hubby)....I was one spoilt missy; felt very lucky! :)

- after arriving bright and early at the station, we headed on down to Columbia Road, to take a look at Rob Ryan's shop, Ryantown...I love, love, LOVE his work...

...next we headed to Notting Hill and more specifically, Portobello Road (more pics tomorrow) - was great to see all the market stalls and lively hustle and bustle. 

 - along the way, we popped in to Cath Kidston's shop; lots of pretties! :)

- a quick coffee stop to recharge the batteries, and then on to Hyde Park....look at what we found!

 - my, the artist must be HUGE! :D

We then headed on down to the 'West End', and then jumped on the tube to Covent Garden (my feet had almost fallen off by this point!!)

- check out this ice sculpture 'celebrating 30 years of shopping heaven'.

My -  we did fit a lot in! Stop by tomorrow for more pics.....

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