Thursday, 24 June 2010

Lots of pretties from London town...

A last lickle post from my weekend...I had to share with you all my pretty finds:

- I was in heaven when we visited Liberty's - so many gorgeous things to buy; I wanted them all! Matt treated me to these pretty little bowls from their Target range - they were far too lovely to leave!  I think they'll look fab in our revamped kitchen! :D

 - We also spotted this great cushion from Michelle Mason - it particularly caught my eye as it had my surname on it!! Check it out on sale here

- still on the London theme, this colourful greeting card really caught my eye!

- the building itself was rather impressive the tudor style!

And last, but not least.....
I received quite a few gift vouchers from all my lovely friends and family this year (hooray - shopping!!) and the first things I treated myself to were these adoreable little necklaces from Accessorize:

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