Monday, 14 June 2010

Look at that face!!!!

- Just had to share some beautiful moments from my weekend with you; this is my cute as a button niece pulling the most BRILLIANT face on was one of many! :D She had me crying with laughter; the more we laughed, the more she did it!

And here's another gem (though not quite as funny) ....the first poppies arrived in our garden; YAY!

photographs - copyright Emma Truman Designs 2010


  1. ah ha how cute!!!
    thank you for my lovely comments on my owls.
    your name rings a bell have you ever worked or done freelance for IG??

    loving all your work, the photographic on this post like the way you have treated them.beautiful

    anna x

  2. Thanks, Anna! :)

    Yes - I did some work for them....many moons ago; through Inspire By Design (or PG Designs as it was known back then!)

    You have some lovely projects on the go - I'm sure this freelancing lark will be no trouble for you! ;) Best of luck with all of your new ventures. :D

  3. that little face is so cute!!! the flower is beautiful!


Lovely to hear from you! :)


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