Wednesday, 31 March 2010

A culinary success! :D

It was my husband's (still trying to get used to saying that!)  birthday yesterday, and as he has to work all week this week (muchos early starts!) we celebrated early in Manchester at the weekend - we had a lovely time. Last night though, I decided to prepare a special birthday tea for him, and I can happily say it went down a treat! :) I asked him if there was anything he particularly fancied, and he said that he'd love something vietnamese (!), I hopped online and found a lovely recipe on the Good Food Channel's website - Vietnamese Tamarind Beef with Peanuts...for details click here.

I was quite nervous about how it would turn out as I'd never really tried Vietnamese food, let alone prepared it, so I was so relieved when the outcome was good, and my hubby was a very happy chappy indeed! :D

For dessert I made a tiramisu...we spent our honeymoon in Sardinia, so I thought it would bring back happy memories as it was one of our favourite desserts over there. This particular recipe was taken from a great series on the Good Food Channel called 'Rhodes Across Italy' which we watched a couple of months ago; it was fab! Get the recipe here.

So all in all, it was a great success! I'm so pleased he liked it...especially as I'd never attempted any of it before. Can't wait to try out some more recipes from the site! :)

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