Monday, 11 January 2010

Happy Snowy Weekend

Hi everyone, hope you all had a lovely weekend...this is me on Saturday afternoon; armed and ready with my bag full of bread, ready to feed my feathered friends! We braved the snow, donned our multiple layers (hence the big, puffy sleeves of my coat!!), and went out for a lovely walk - it was just the thing I needed after being cooped up inside all week.

We're so lucky to have a nature reserve right on our's always so beautiful down there - especially at this time of year. We saw swans, ducks, moor hens, pesky seagulls (the lickle scavengers!!) and even a friendly little robin.

Here are some snaps from the waterside: favourite duck of all is the affectionately nicknamed 'Mr Waggle' - you can see him here in the top left of the picture....if anyone knows his real name, then let me know...he has a cute, curly tuft on top of his head, and makes the most gorgeous sound.

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