Friday, 23 October 2009


.....sorry - a bit of a late post I'm afraid ( despite promising to be back on here yesterday! ) 

It's been a hectic couple of days getting the last minute bits and bobs finished for a forthcoming design meeting, so that's why I haven't been about,  but, I got there in the end...*PHEW*...and just in time for the weekend - YAY!! :) This time, I've been turning my attentions to pets - and this particular pooch looks a lot like our furry studio mascot - Harley! Hope you like him...

This cheeky scamp; peeping around the corner, is a lot like my gorgeous kitty too...bless her - she's still taking to sitting on that carpet; will she ever learn to love the new one?!

Anyway, I'm certainly ready for the weekend after all that hard work, so hope you all have a fabulous one...see you next week.

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